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The collection

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VS Sélection

A Cognac to be enjoyed in long drinks or cocktails. A blend of great sweetness combining the generosity of fruity aromas.
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VS De Luxe

Harmonious Cognac aged in small French oak barrels giving intense aromas of summer fruits.
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A weel-balanced blend of Limousin oak and mature Cognac. The strenght of the fruitness pleasantly backs the dominant floral fragances. Excellent lenght on the palate, with long-lasting aromas.
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Prolonged aging develops the vanilla nuances of Limousin oak wood barrels. Fruity aromas become more intense with aromas of stone fruit.
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A pleasant body and structure in the mouth. The best spirits among the different Cognac vintages complete each other perfectly. The “Old Port” character flirts with aromas of cooked fruits such as prunes and is preceded by floral notes, adding freshness to this harmonious blend.
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XO Exception

Unique blend of the most prestigious Cognacs from the Chabasse House. Its tasting reveals an incredible roundness and the “rancio” typical of very old Cognacs.

Unique blend of the most prestigious Cognacs from the Chabasse House.

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XO Impérial

After a long aging, its bouquet becomes impressive, tending towards aromas of tobacco, dry leaves, old roses, with nuances of hazelnuts and nuts. The softness becomes incomparable. The length in the mouth is very important, giving the palate time to discover surprisingly spicy flavours.
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In the cellars of winemakers and grower-distillers, René-Luc Chabasse occasionally discovers small batches of very old Cognacs that have been forgotten for years, in such tiny volumes that they are sometimes just a little more than a single demi-john.

These are gems that cannot be found in any shops, with rich, complex aromas, length on the palate and “rancio” taste – as a testimony of their prestigious past. These vintage Cognacs are numbered and certified for all the operations from distillation to marketing.

Prestigious past.

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Chabasse Baccarat Cognac, in its cellar cigar box, is a glowing tribute to beauty and refinement. Brandies are selected for their incomparable bouquet, subtlety and elegance giving an exceptional character to this very old Cognac, only for the pleasure of aesthetes and connoisseurs.

Tribute to beauty and refinement.

The bottles

Designed exclusively for Chabasse Cognacs.

The Chabasse range is made of bottles and decanters both created and designed exclusively in 70 cl bottles and 5 cl miniatures (single-dose bottles, very useful for tasting).
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